welcome to your nightmare
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I am the doubts within your mind, I am the shadows that follow your every move, I am the feeling that haunts you and the threat upon your mother's tongue. I am the Boogey Man, the darkest night, & I have come to change the day to Pitch.

Have you a question? I'd be more than happy to answer. It may well be your last, after all, & it would be wrong of me to deprive you of that.
Do you wish to know more about me before speaking? A wise choice; I commend you.


(( RP / doodle / ask blog for Pitch from Rise of the Guardians. Mun is over 18, but probably won't be involved in anything NSFW.))

Someone wanted to see pitch in this ^ armor.
So uhh, yeah! Here’s a colored version! )) 

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